Airspace Developers Team Up to Create New Association

Wednesday 2nd June 2021

Click Above, Apex Airspace, Fruition Properties and Upspace have joined forces to launch the Association of Rooftop and Airspace Development (ARAD).

ARAD aims to champion the airspace development sector and act as a unified voice for developers and associated stakeholders involved.

Airspace and rooftop development refers to the ability to build on top of existing buildings, whether residential, commercial or industrial, to deliver new homes by typically adding one or two storeys.

The independent, non-profit organisation will promote learning, innovation and development of good practice, while lobbying for its members’ interests and helping to unlock housing at both a local and national level.

It will act as a forum to provide better understanding of the sector and a clear code of conduct to ensure that it can grow in a professional manner.

A key objective of ARAD is to offer a vocal lobby so that experiences of members are heard by government policymakers, thereby helping to shape and influence national guidance.

As ARAD membership and its profile grows, it will work to encourage politicians and influencers to attend its meetings and provide members with direct access.

The association is open to all with an interest in the airspace and rooftop development sector, from architects to planners, contractors, local authorities and developers.

Members will have exclusive access to articles, briefing documents, workshops and events — both virtual and physical.

Andrew Powell, director of finance at Apex Airspace and co-founder of ARAD, said:

“Airspace is part of the future of housing; it has vast potential across London and the UK to help unlock much needed homes in a non-invasive way.

ARAD aims to bring together organisations which want to and have the expertise to work in airspace — whether investors, architects, developers, local authorities or consultants — to learn from each other and champion airspace so that rooftop development can flourish while maintaining high standards for the betterment of all stakeholders.”

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