Banking on Bitcoin - Click Above make Corben Mews available to buy with Bitcoin

Wednesday 10th July 2019

Click Above make Corben Mews available to buy with Bitcoin

The chances are you’ll have heard of Bitcoin; whether you’re totally au fait with what it means as an investment option may be another matter. For many, knowledge and understanding of what this ‘cryptocurrency’ actually is, will be limited to media headlines, the views and opinions of ‘in-the-know’ friends or colleagues, or maybe even scam emails. Those people would, no doubt, find it incredulous that Bitcoin has the potential to be used for a property purchase, but they’d be wrong.

Whilst still very much an unusual and little-used means to completing what is likely to be the biggest purchase of your life, Bitcoin is indeed a viable payment method. That’s part of the reason why we’ve chosen to make our luxury penthouse apartments at Corben Mews in Nine Elms available to buy in this way.

So why have we made this decision? Simply, we believe that by doing so, it opens up these fabulous, high-spec, new homes to a new market of discerningclientele who share our commitment to being visionary and prepared to push the boundaries of normality – these homes have, after all, been built
atop of an existing residential block.

But what of the risk involved? “Volatile”, “unregulated” and “mistrust” are all terms that continue to be associated with Bitcoin. However, you cannot escape that for those early adopter investors who realised the currency’s potential, significant eye-watering gains have been made. It is for those, often wealthy millennials that we’ve made the Corben Mews homes available to buy in this way. Simply, we believe that they’ll be seeking an exit from the cryptocurrency market so that they’re able to realise their gains in something tangible: bricks and mortar – or a modular, luxury apartment in this case!

Long term is this something that we’ll continue to offer on our future developments? With so few housing developers being prepared to do so, we’re keeping an open mind. Sure, there are relatively few people looking to invest in property via Bitcoin and the future stability of the market is, as yet, untested. However, Bitcoin investors are out there who wish to invest in property and whilst that remains the case, we shall certainly maintain this as a purchasing option – after all, our innovation isn’t just limited to our methods of construction!

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