It's time to #LookUp - Click Above are paving the way in rooftop developments including considerations for Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster

Wednesday 25th April 2018

Click Above is a modern housebuilder specialising in rooftop development, using modular construction to create new homes on top of existing buildings. Their homes are built offsite, significantly reducing build times and costs, as well as reducing disruption to local communities and avoiding issues such as environmental factors.

In a recent announcement, the housing secretary revealed that the government will support the creation of UK housing through rooftop development, and Click Above is leading the charge with two central London projects already underway. Two penthouses are being added to the rooftop of a purpose-built block in Battersea and 23 studios and two-bedroom apartments constructed above a commercial site in the borough of Camden with considerations for local boroughs in Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster amongst other boroughs across the capital.

Aaron Emmett, Click Above CEO, commented, “People in UK cities have no idea how much money they could potentially be sitting on. With densely populated areas crying out for more housing, the opportunity to build upwards is colossal.

“We know there is potential for 41,000 new rooftop dwellings in central London alone. This equates to more than 28million square foot of residential floor area, with an estimated value of £51billion.

“While rooftop development isn’t the only answer to the housing crisis, it is certainly one of the fastest, safest, and most efficient options and, as we have seen from the vast number of enquiries from people looking to capitalise on their rooftop, it looks to be a growing trend.”

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